Tiny movement – big influence…  

The third part of the film ‘Blue Planet’ – a film about our oceans, the wild-life in the oceans and us – reminded me about a lecture of Master Yuantong Liu. He told us that when we practice the Body and Mind Method, we move one body part but even a tiny movement influences the Qiflow in the whole body. He used the metaphor of water: ‘It does not matter where you throw something in the sea, it always influences the whole ocean.’ In the film they showed plastic parts that have been thrown in the water thousands of miles away. They also said that most of the people do not know what effect that has on the oceans and the wild life.’ So, where ever we throw something in the ocean, it always will have effect on the whole planet. Same with our body. Even one little movement or thought can influence all parts of our body.

The lecture where Master Yuantong Liu talks about this is the lecture on this platform about section 1 of the Body and Mind Method. He explains that before you start the movement you integrate the mind with the movement. So, you think about the 7thvertebrae and then move up the chin. You continue to integrate the mind with the movement thinking about each vertebra until you reach up. Where the mind goes, Qi follows. When you think about the vertebrae the Qi naturally follows into that part of the body. When you move down again you think about the chin, imagining the chin moving down. The whole process of thinking shows the activity of a conscious movement. When consciousness and movement are integrated mind and body movements are one. That will naturally induce the Qi and influence the Qi-flow in the whole body, even if you only focus on a tiny part.

If you do that well Qi will flow freely through all the meridian channels. Qi and blood can flow smoothly through the whole body. All body functions go back to normal and the whole body will be able to reorganize.

If we are aware of the fact that we can create a free Qiflow in our body through merging movement and consciousness, can we also contribute to create a free Qiflow in the oceans of the world?