Webinars Health Gong 2020 Volume 1 with Anne Hering & Martha Work

100-day practice series developed by Zhigong Institute founder Anne Hering, with Mauro Laguno, and Nynke Roukema. Practiced throughout Europe, and now introduced to the US by Anne Hering from the Netherlands and Martha Work from the US. All classes are in English. Appropriate for all levels of practitioners.

Datum: 10/08/2020 bis 16/11/2020

Zeiten: Monday: 10:00 PM Paris time, 4:00 PM New York time

Kosten: 55,- Euro for 9 webinars

Ort: Zoom (online)

Zielgruppe: The worldwide Zhineng Qigong community

Lehrer: Anne Hering & Martha Work

Praktische Informationen:

Language: English

The Webinars will be recorded so that you can review them at your convenience.

Dates: August 10, 17, 24 and 31, September 21 and 28, October 5 and 26, November 16

For payment you can pay directly here on our website or you can contact Martha Work in the US.
Her mailadres: mwork55@gmail.com
Her phone number: 502-899-3146

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"Webinars Health Gong 2020 Volume 1 with Anne Hering & Martha Work"

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Weitere Infos:

Dear Zhineng Qigong Community,

This is an invitation to practice the Health Gong 2020 with us to achieve the following goals:

  • Set up a strong Qifield with our community and learn more about setting up a Qifield
  • Learn simple methods to keep our immune systems strong
  • Learn a practice series designed for the current situation which we can all do every day at home as a shared Gong-practice
  • Integrate the theory and practice of ZNQG against the background of the current world and personal situation

The Health Gong 2020 consists of the first three sections of the Qi Core Improvement Method followed by a push and pull sequence from the front and the sides. In between the practice of the 5 sections we do the Qi shower and use visualizations to focus on different parts of the body. During the practice of the Push-and-Pull movement we add visualizations of the third level of meditation to deepen the practice.

We want to present this gong and the theory to you in a series of webinars starting with 6 weekly 1-hour practice sessions and follow-up sessions throughout the gong until the 100th day.

Looking forward to seeing you in our first webinar!


Hun Yuan Ling Tong,

Anne and Martha