Ancient and modern at the same time…

Ancient and modern at the same time…

Last month I participated in the Masterclass Level 3 with Master Yuantong Liu. During one of his classes I realized once again how rich we are that we found this wonderful art. The combination of chanting, mudra’s, movements and mind activity is a unique way to improve your lifestyle and to be in the present. I also realized that although this knowledge is thousands of years old it’s still unique to practice it in these modern times.

The simple exercises of Zhineng Qigong Level 3 to open the human gate, the gate of heaven and earth has such a powerful effect on the whole energetic system. Laogong in the center of our palms represents the human gate. In the method we do a push movement with Laogong to open this gate. We often use Laogong unconsciously to connect to the environment. If we use this energetic center consciously we improve our connection to the surroundings and become more sensitive. Tianmen (an area on our head) is the gate to heaven. By opening this gate, we nourish our brain and the center of the head, our Shenmen Palace. Yongquan under our feet is the gate to the earth. If this gate is open, we can be well grounded. A very simple exercise with a huge impact on our Qifield. Why don’t we learn that at school already?

Massage Laogong whenever you have time. Feel consciously the inner side of your hands. You can either sit or stand practicing this exercise. If you choose to sit, move Mingmen (between the second and third lumbar vertebrae) forward. In the standing position Mingmen is moved outward. Move your hands with the palms facing upwards and fingers pointing forwards to above the breasts. Move the hands to the front. Keep them at shoulder breadth and height. The fingers pointing to the ground, the palms facing forward. Push out the palms three times. Feel that Mingmen is connected to this tiny movement in your palms. Imagine your hands going to the infinite space every time you push out.

Hao La,