The Core Improvement Gong

The Core Improvement Gong


‘The source of life and of the mind is in Mingmen…’(old Chinese saying)

This week finished the Gong of the Core Improvement Method with a group of students that participated in the summer workshop with Master Yuantong Liu. 100 days practice of the six parts activated our Core and lower back (Mingmen) area. It felt like a refreshment for the entire system. The results were great as most of us felt the whole body becoming more flexible and vital. If the body is flexible the mind can be flexible, too and vice versa.

Testimonials of students who finished the gong:
·       I really feel much stronger in my back but also in my head. I feel I can focus much more as I could do in the past. It helps me to stay in contact with myself and what I want. I played tennis years ago and stopped because of a shoulder problem. That has not disappeared totally but I really flying and running around on the court and doing things I didn’t do before. And it works. In a way I trust my body more and I feel mentally quieter. I feel happy and I could not say that for really a long time.
·       I feel much better in my head: quieter; also, in my shoulders, they itch. I’ll continue: I hope for more and more. But my back is less stable. It almost feels like I’m the 20 years old girl with a lot of pain in my back and treated by a chiropractor. But the pleasure and joy every morning give me the drive to go on! I like the CIM very much and I’m looking forward for next level CIM.
·      Almost from day 30 on I felt the pain in my spine and so far, the tension hasn’t yet released. At the same time old stories popped up and became perceptible for me the benefit of the CIM is mainly on the psychological level. However, I admit, I am always feeling very harmonized afterwards. I will continue.
·       I started practicing Qi-Core when I was in the masterclass last year. Great for my back and morning stiffness which I’ve had all my life. But… section 5 was not so great for my knees! A lot of reaction afterwards… every time! In the summer we learned how to focus on the knee movement and Mingmen. Halfway the Gong, I could do the movement while observing this. And I felt the knees were starting to enjoy this soft healthy movement. After 40 years of pain they are now becoming more stable and I thoroughly enjoy the movement! I see this series as a great level 2 exercise: the body becoming flexible, strong and beautiful. Let’s start the next Gong
·       I remember telling Anne in Epe that this was a really challenging practice to do for me as I could hardly lift my left foot off the floor. My whole body felt like a stiff cardboard. Today; I can lift my foot and even stretch it forward and hold it up.  During the first 30 days; I went through a lot of emotional release and it felt really good… just letting go. The last months, I noticed my whole body becoming more flexible and stronger. It’s fun, I now happily walk without a limp, get out of the coach without having to pause to find my balance and race around on my bike. I let go of “my story” but for the Qi buddies who don’t know: 18 months ago, I had big holes in both of my hips due to tumors, was told that the future for me would be walking with crutches and / or a wheelchair. Did we prove them wrong! This week, the oncologist told me – a bit surprised – that am having a healthy bone marrow making extra white blood cells. That hasn’t happened for months. “Correcting the spine”… that’s exactly what I vision and focus on when I do the practice. I even hung up a picture of how a healthy spine looks like. I went through quite a bit of spine and neck pain but it faded away just by continuing the daily practice.  Actually heard a few cracks too. So… A heartfelt Thank You to Master Liu; Anne and all of you for the amazing practice and this great Qi field.Up to the next 100 gongs…
·      For me the Core Improvement is helpful for my lower back. Normally my back is stiff and painful. But doing the C.I. It gives relief. So, I also will continue with the movements. HYLT
·      While practicing CIM I feel my ankles, left knee and right hip struggling for stability. I was surprised by that because Zhineng practice made my legs stronger than they have ever been before… But I also observe that the Dantian is really powerful during the CIM moves, so I am full of trust that Qi will find its way. My gong hasn’t finished.
·      For me the CIM brought more harmony and flexibility. A great way to start the day.
·      My spine Is much more flexible. Especially the neck. Nr2 and 4 were very helpful for my lungs and liver and also to strengthen the power of the muscles and the Qi-level in the lower Dantian. I am much more stable and I will go on with the CIM.
·      As a runner (2@3 days a week) I normally have little pains and injuries, it was therefore amazing to experience that the last 100 days I could run without any of these inconveniences.
·      Impressive how much benefits I had in the last months due to the practice of the Core Improvement Method. I visit my Osteopath once a year for a ‘check.’ I do that already for many years and that’s the only therapist I visit. Last time I saw him a few weeks ago. After about 10 minutes he asked me if I feel good and I answered ‘yes.’ He said that he cannot find anything which he could improve and told me to stand up. The session was finished. Normally the treatment is about 30 – 45 minutes. I told him about the Core Improvement Method and instead of getting a treatment from him I showed him the exercises. He said that’s exactly what every person should do every day to stay healthy. I went home with a big smile on my face. HYLT

What are the benefits of the method?
The purpose of this method is to relax and open the core and the lower back.
The core is a complex series of muscles, extending far beyond your abs, including everything besides your arms and legs. It is incorporated in almost every movement of the human body. These muscles can act as an isometric or dynamic stabilizer for movement, transfer force from one extremity to another, or initiate movement itself. Core muscles are one of the most active muscle groups in the body. Whether you are walking, making dinner, jogging or playing golf you are engaging your core muscles. Because you use core muscles for so many activities, it is important to keep them strong and flexible.

When we talk about the lower back we refer to the area between the second and fifth lumbar vertebra and the sacrum, as well as the ligaments, tendons and muscles connected to these vertebras. When this area is relaxed it feels like as though the vertebrae overlap each other gently, without pressure. The exercises of the Core Improvement Method also increase the functioning of the kidneys and strengthen our life essence (Jing). In the old days people said ‘strength comes from the feet but is controlled by the lower back to flow to our four limbs. Force is sent out from the spine.’ Once your lower back is relaxed and open, the internal Qi will rapidly improve, along with the quality of the body’s functions. The joints and vertebra will open, muscles, ligaments and tendons of the back will relax and open. All movements will connect to the lower back in an entirety.

The lower Dantian Qi – in the area between the navel, Mingmen (between the 2ndand 3rdlumbar vertebra) and Huiyin (the perineum) – will increase. All movements in Qigong should start from there, led by the mind and Qi. Qi will naturally gather inside and at the same time the entire body will feel strong and vital.

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