Different teachers – one intention

Different teachers – one intention

The different ways to use the Qifield

Sometimes I just sit down to get lost in our online platform. It’s like exploring a big city with different roads, houses, colors, noises, etc. So great to see how the different teachers present the same topic in their own way. We are all different and we all have the same intention: spreading out the wonderful art developed by Dr. Pang Ming with our utmost care and respect.

Even if you don’t understand all the languages you could do the following: Just go on the search button and enter ‘Organize Qifield.’ Watch the different films and feel the message and the Qifield of each teacher. I did it and that was amazing. Learning from each other is probably the biggest gift we can offer each other in this community.

The Qifield is one of the fabulous tools Zhineng Qigong Science offers us. There are three sources for a good Qi field: A powerful place, the Kong Fu Level of the person who organizes the Qifield and the power (mind) of the Qi of the group.

Depending on the situation you can organize the Qifield for a different number of people: You can organize it for your own practice. You can also organize it for a group. A group can organize a Qifield for one person or another group. A group can also organize a Qifield together. If you organize a Qi field with more teachers, make sure that all have the same intention. Talk about the intention before your start organizing the Qifield. Even if the teachers use different methods to organize the Qifield the intention has to be the same. Keep in mind: You can walk, fly or drive to Beijing. The goal is Beijing.

Organizing a Qifield for a big group is the same like organizing a Qifield for one person. Only the visualization is different: First you gather the Qi. Make sure that the whole group follows your intention at the same time. Send out a very clear intention. Concentrate on a clear goal. Visualize that the whole group merge in one big Qiperson. If you cannot imagine a Qiperson take a real person and put her/him in the center. Always integrate yourself and be open to receive the Qi. You can visualize that the group gathers to collect Qi from the earth. At the same time send good information into the Qifield. Through the information a Qifield can connect and transform. Also connect and merge the information in the Qifield.

There are also different ‘shapes’ you can use to attract more Qi to a group Qifield. You can use the universal shape of the circle. You can also position the group in a spiral. Make sure that if you do so all persons face the center. The spiral is the most powerful shape in the nature. Use the consciousness of the universe to support our human nature. You can visualise an umbrella to cover and shine on all people in the Qifield. Connect the group Qifield with the universal Qifield.

General thinks you should keep in mind when you organize a Qifield:

  • You are the governor of the Qifield. You are one with the Qifield.
  • You control the information in the Qifield. Only send positive information into the Qifield.
  • Everybody in the Qifield is responsible for him-/herself.
  • The whole group moves as one big Qiperson.
  • Open your heart and mind and organize the Qifield with the power of love.
  • If there is something in the Qifield that does not feel 100% well accept it and continue to focus on the powerful intention. One small drop won’t influence the Qiocean you are in.
  • Always include yourself in the Qifield!!!

Use your own idea to follow the laws of the nature. Everybody is different. Listen to your intuition. The space is empty, you fill it up in your own way. Never lose your own ideas in the theories of Zhineng Qigong Science. Feel what the best is for your students and keep nourishing their individuality. If all theories/practice come from your heart everything will come to you naturally.

Always follow your true heart – your intention!!!!