Carol Poelma

Carol Poelma

Carol Poelma

PR communications specialist / Co Owner Bega Special Tools

Zhineng Qigong since:

Date of birth:
British Guyana, 6 Juli 1959


How did you find out about Zhineng Qigong?

Because of you – Anne -. You introduced me into the world of Zhineng Qigong. That was in 2000, you
were my sinter-in law and I became infected with your enthusiasm. I went to Master Luke Chan’s very first workshop in The Netherlands. It was so impressive, with more than 100 participants! After this workshop I started practicing the Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down Method on a daily basis, Level 1 of Zhineng Qigong. I was motivated to continue practicing and read about it. By doing this I got a better knowledge of my own body.

Why did you choose to go to China to participate in a workshop?

You traveled to China many times to visit Master Luke Chan, to deepen your knowledge and
experience. I also wanted that, but my children were very young. It was difficult for me to leave them
behind. I made up many excuses until finally, I was ready to make the trip to China. A special journey at a turning point in my life. I realized then, that I never took time to rest, took time for myself. My whole life revolved around the family, the company, etc. Zhineng Qigong became my Anchor in life. A “tool” to slow down, to find balance in my life.

How’s was your first China-experience?

Altogether it was a wonderful experience to be away from my daily life, to let go. It was good to distance myself from the business and family. Me first for a change. I enjoyed myself tremendously. Starting off with 24-hours-Anne-Carol-fun-time in Hongkong. Then we traveled by ferry to Zhongshan, where Master Luke Chan awaited us. For the Chinese, Zhongshan is but a small village with only 3 million inhabitants. During the next 2 weeks we practiced intensively in a small group, led by Luke Chan. We lived and breathed Qigong and had a great time together. A healthy life style supported this. Good fresh food. No coffee, no sugar, no alcohol, only vegetables, fruit, rice, water, green tea: all in all a fysical and mental detox. It came naturally and in a relaxing way. At night, I dreamed a lot! So much going on in my head! One time I dreamed that I was sweating blood. An indication that I was in the middle of detoxing. In 2 weeks time I lost 3 kilos. For me it was a life-time-experience, a process of giving up and letting go.

How did you experience the lectures of Master Luke Chan?

He was totally himself, acted as he pleased and thought fit, we simply followed. Still, Luke had a very clear message with a clear program and objectives. He took time to explain the theory and principles behind Zhineng Qigong. It helped me get a deeper understanding of the vast knowledge that Dr. Pang Ming had obtained fromTraditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese filosophy, the Tao. I came to understand that Zhineng Qigong is a way of life. Two particular sentences Master Luke quoted I will never forget: “Ups and downs, love them anyway” and “You may not get what you want, you get what you need…..To this day I use these sentences, makes life less complicated.

So how have you integrated Zhineng Qigong in your daily life?

There are times that I practice on a daily basis. I am not always as consequent as I would like to be. In the meantime I have participated in quite a number of workshops and learned other exercises that I practice during the day. For instance the “claw hands” from the Body and Mind Method. An ideal exercise I can do at any time during the day to loosen up my wrists and fingers. (Great for desk jobs) I once asked Luke Chan how he integrated Zhineng Qigong in his life! He answered “that he practiced all day long, for the simple reason that for him is not just practicing the methods, but it in his way of thinking, his awareness of his body, each move he makes, his thoughts. It made me aware of my body, my mind. For the responsibilty I have to care for my body and my thoughts to be a healthy person.

What are your thoughts on ” frame of reference” ?

A theme often encountered in management trainings. But also a serious theme in Zhineng Qigong life
filosofy: are you able to let go, to clean up your inner self? Are you able to choose each moment in your life again? You become aware of the patterns that are running your life. Once you achieve this level of conciousness, then you get so much insight and control over your own life and health.

Zhineng Qigong increases awareness that as a human, you are standing between heaven and earth. Is the concept “grounding” important for you?

Grounding is most certainly important for me. I was born in British Guyana (Amazon area). I grew up close to nature, with many animals, all tame and I loved them dearly. I lived a free life. I did not go to school, my mother taught me at home. Every 3 years my parents would go on leave for 3 months and we would visit our family in The Netherlands. During this time I would go to a Dutch school. Very strange for me. At the age of 13 I had to leave Guyana to go to high school in the Netherlands. I found it difficult to adjust to this new life. I often think of my childhood in Guyana. It was wonderful, I loved the land, the freedom, people, animals, climate. The Netherlands was cold and cramped. Suddenly, I had to “plan” everything, I was not accustomed to that. Practicing Zhineng Qigong has reconnected me with nature and mother earth. I am literally standing on 2 legs and in connection.

Zhineng Qigong is constantly developing because the earth is always in motion. How do you keep up with news?

Every year I participate in a workshop. I find them motivating and it is fun to meet other practitioners.
There was a great workshop with you in Malaga in the Casa el Moriscos, an oasis of peace. I participated in several workshops in Epe with Master Yuantong Liu. This year I even visited him in his hometown in China and it was great to stay in his house for 14 days and travel with him to the Qingcheng Mountains.

I love the teachings of Master Yuantong Liu. He is modern and eager to teach his pupils as much as possible in short time. He taught us a lot about the Body and Mind Method in his own unique way. His teaching is exciting and inspirational. It makes me realize that I (we) never stop learning. I know for sure that Zhineng Qigong is solidly anchored in my life!