Christine Hullegie

Christine Hullegie

Christine Hullegie

Owner of Sisters in Lingerie

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Christine Hullegie since 1999 co-owner of a lingerie shop in Epe. Together with her sister Marieke she took over the business from her parents, 16 years ago. Now they have become THE Lingerie Specialist of the Veluwe and also have a webshop under the same name.

Why did you choose to practice Zhineng Qigong?

Before I started practicing Zhineng Qigong I was restless in my body and head. I needed more rest and more breaks for myself. At first I started looking into Yoga, and then you came into the store. My sister, who knew that you also give meditation classes, said, “Go have a look at Anne’s classes.” During my first lesson with you I had a good feeling, so I ended up with you.

I have participated in a yoga weekend too and I also liked it, but I feel still more comfortable with Zhineng Qigong. Especially the standing exercises I like and it’s easier to do at home. The exercises are very practical and I love that. So I can clear my head easily.

The information you get in the course, can you apply it to your life as owner of a lingerie shop in Epe?

For sure, one of the things I learned from you is the insertion of breaks. It is quite logical and actually you know it allready, but in one way or another you will always return to this. During the exercises you regularly talk about this. I notice that a break is just like a little vacation. After a holiday you’ll feel better, relaxed and you look better. And if you insert more peace in your daily life, then all will be easier. Thats what Zhineng Qigong does with me. I make sure that the exercises I learned on Monday evening, I use in the course of the week regularly. Standing alone, I find soothing and wonderful. It’s like a mini vacation and has a positive effect on the rest of the day. I am also pleased that the classes are on Monday night. That’s my kick off for the week and it put me right in the relax mode. I feel that I am relaxed all week.

Zhineng Qigong consists not only of exercises – it has also become a lifestyle. Do you feel that way too?

I realize that relaxation is not only present during the exercises. Meanwhile I’m going to sit down, for example, for a cup of coffee, without at the same time doing something else. Through your lessons I learn to do things consciously. I also changed my diet. By practicing Zhineng Qigong it teaches you to be more conscious of your body.

In the shop, you are mainly concerned with a person’s exterior. Do you have times when you get deeper into conversation with a customer and share your knowledge about the importance of a healthy ‘inside’?

My work is very nice because I make people happy. In a lingerie shop we sell an “intimate” product and people sometimes literally expose themselves in the fitting room. It also opens the ‘inside’ of a person, and arrises conversations. If a customer comes out of the fitting room happy, you see that change and this makes me happy again. Depending on the needs of the customer also deeper conversations sometimes follow. Through my own growth and development, I can now handle this better. Zhineng Qigong plays a role in this and I tell about it too in the store. Because I feel that if I can help a ‘stressed’ customer in the store ‘relaxed’, a lovely, unwinding interaction takes place.

How do you apply the knowledge of Zhineng Qigong in your personal life?

As I am in the store, I’m at home. The knowledge of Zhineng Qigong runs like a thread through my life. I enjoy the time with my kids conciously, without me doing other things at the same time. So apart from that I can relax more, I enjoy the things I do more . Funny thing is that although I’m much calmer, my son Jan sometimes still says, “Take it easy, Mom. If you are not calm, you can not enjoy it. “Beautiful is’nt it ? Also funny that Jan at the speech therapist saw a picture of a girl with hands on the navel and then said, “It is gonna be a nice day.” I had taught him that because we also do this after a Zhineng Qigong- exercize.

Recently we got a dog. That gives peace too. When you walk with the dog, you can’t do anything besides that. After a ‘real’ pause you often live much more effective.

Are you looking different at yourself after you started practicing Zhineng Qigong?

Yeah, you know, once I had always felt like I had to be nice and fun for others. Now I know that it is good as it is. You feel better when you can be yourself. That also has to do with my stage of life and growth moments I’ve experienced. Zhineng Qigong supports this process with me.

Finally: What is still on your wish list in relationship to your personal development in the field of Zhineng Qigong?

I would really like (when the children are bigger) to join a Zhineng Qigong trip. That doesn’t necessarily have to be China. One week all to myself and just “zhinengen” which seems really wonderful. I will return home fully charged. So that’s at the top of my wish list!