Eric du Bosc

Eric du Bosc

Eric du Bosc

Co-owner Smeertechniek Rotterdam

Zhineng Qigong since:

Date of birth:
17th of March1967


Eric du Bosc works in the family business ‘Smeertechniek Rotterdam.’ His grandfather has founded the company in 1953. His father started in the business in 1956 and has taken over in 1971 after the death of grandfather. Eric has been raised in the company building, a mansion in Rotterdam. As a result of a car accident, during his study, he started thinking about his future. Because his first child was on the way he chose to start working in the sales department of the company. In 1993 Eric takes over the shares from his father. Because the company was not in a good state, he visited all the suppliers of the company to avert bankruptcy.
Because of the trust and years of co-operation with some of these suppliers this succeeded.
The company is now a successful enterprise in the field of lubrication technology and equipment.

When did you become aware of the fact that you wanted to spend more time on your body and mind?

That took quite a long time. After taking over the company I worked 6 to 7 days a week for about 5 years. That was accompanied by daily 10 cups of coffee with a lot of sugar, 2 bottles of Coca Cola, cigarettes, etc. I remember a holiday on the Canary Islands where I got a phone call saying that we had received a large order.
At that moment I realised that the company was doing fine and that we did not need the bank anymore. Even than nothing happened. I was always feeling very healthy. So I deed not feel the need to look for meditation or other forms of relaxation. The real turning point came when we planned a safari trip to Kenia with our children.
We had just had our vaccinations when Merel – my wife – got pneumonia.
She was hospitalized where she got antibiotics without any check whether it was from a bacterial infection or a virus. Because nothing seemed to help she was given different kinds of antibiotics. When she was back home I got pneumonia. This has made me quit smoking and because of that my yearning for sugar disappeared. After that I stopped drinking cola. On this recovery path I started running and doing yoga. Merel had already started doing yoga before.

How did you get into contact with Qigong?

I had subscribed to a course of Medical Qigong in Zuidland, a town nearby, this was once every two weeks. I noticed that because of these exercises I could see more and had better observation. It did something to me. I also participated in other workshops like colour- and light therapy, radionics and much more. I was doing so many interesting workshops that there was no real focus on any subject anymore. Since coincidences do not exist I found the website of the Qing Bai Academy in co-operation with the Zhigong Institute in the Netherlands to subscribe for an education on Tuina massage. And while I was doing this I suddenly realised it was time to work on and for myself and not on others. While these thoughts were playing through my head I clicked on and subscribed to the Zhineng Qigong Level 1 teacher education instead of Tuina massage. I did not want to do another workshop but seriously learn the basics and foundation. And that is how I got to you!

During the education and trainings usually a lot of Qi starts moving. How did you experience this?

I cannot say I enjoyed every moment of it. You are confronted with yourself during this Zhineng Qigong education. Some things were really difficult for me. When you start to change this is not always easy for the people around you. Something else happened that was really good for me. I failed one of the exams. In high school I had to double a class because I never really started learning until Easter. After that I would start and succeed. In the 5th year of 6 years of high school education because Easter was late that year I failed to get the required grades. I doubled this class which made it a very easy school year and also easily passed my 6th year.

So failing the Zhineng Qigong teaching exam was a good lesson for me. I am also used to being the boss and tell others what to do. This clearly showed, when the teacher told me to stay focussed instead of talking about non relevant topics, that I did not listen to the assignment given to me. This was all very good for me it has brought me closer to myself. When you always win you do not learn. Sometimes it is good to lose and on top of that I was the only one in the group that failed the exam. Not nice but deservedly. The second time I took the teaching exam it went fine because I listened to the assignment and stayed calm and close to myself.

In the mean time you are very passionate about practicing Zhineng Qigong. Where does this passion come from?

I believe that Zhineng Qigong is very good for my health. I really enjoy practising it because it makes me calm. I still have days that while practising my thoughts are all over the place but the difference is that now I notice it when it happens.
And on better days I will stand for half an hour and then realise that I am having a thought. By practising Zhineng Qigong I observe more, I also feel when I am restless. Before at work I sometimes could get angry at my colleagues now I am more aware of that and can handle things better. Now when this happens I can feel it in my abdomen and will not follow the emotion anymore.

Merel practices Yoga and you practice Zhineng Qigong. How does this go together?

Very good. We both read and discover and then both realise that all this knowledge is from the same old source, the Himalaya was in between and because of that the Chinese and the people in India started interpreting this knowledge in different ways. We have nice conversations or discussions about the topic. Merel also has a lot of respect for the fact that during the Zhineng Qigong education I practised in the garden every day no matter what weather it was. I also like to be in the dunes or the forest with the forces of nature when practicing Zhineng Qigong.

How do your employees handle these changes?

There was a time that a fellow worker, who works at the company for a very long time, thought that I would sell the business. But that is not the case. I like my job even better now. I did find the courage to work one day less in the week though. For a long time, I have worked for 6 or 7 days a week.
After having worked too much I went back to 5 days a week and when I decided to only work 4 days it took quite some time before I did not look at myself as being lazy. That is what Qigong has learned me. By the way I do the same job in 4 days now. So it has made me much more productive.

Did anything else change in your life by practicing Zhineng Qigong?

I contacted my father, I had not spoken to him in years.
Just before I took over the company with my mother, my parents where in a divorce. A lot of things happened then. Now we have a good relationship again. That also is a part of Qigong. We do not get along too well. Maybe we are too much alike. I have changed now and see my own shortcomings more clearly. He lives in France near Toulouse. I contacted him and visited him there. After the first day in years we spent together I asked him to talk about all the things that were bothering him. When I noticed he started to sing the same old song I observed that I started to feel angry again as years before. I thought to myself no, I am able to change. So I let him tell his story and explained to him that it was his point of view and that my point of view was different. I did not go into an argument or discussion. That was progression for me. I could let it go, that too is Qigong.

In the mean time you are in the teacher training Level 2. Do you have more plans with Zhineng Qigong in your life?

In two years, I will be 50 years old, I plan to take a sabbatical and go to China for 1,2 or 3 months and learn more about Zhineng Qigong. A nice closing story: after having pneumonia and starting to change my life I went to Bali for a course of Radionics. In fact, that is also a form of sending Qi but in a Western way. There was a participant in the course, a man from Taiwan, he could do nice things with Qi and practiced some martial art. This man said to me: “one day you will be a master” I had no idea what he meant or was talking about at that time. – Being the master of your own life, thoughts and feelings -That is what I aim for.