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Jetske Visser

Jetske Visser


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Jetske Visser is qualified as a beautician since 1982. Her education she followed in England. A full-time training as a beautician did not exist in the Netherlands at that time. She lived in South Africa (Pretoria), where she set up an institute for beauty treatments along with a friend. After her return to the Netherlands – after a break of several years – she resumed her profession as a beautician. She sees only advantages in her job: “The older I get the better I can empathize with the needs of my clients. Aging as a beautician is so beneficial. ”

In the Monday evening class I always see you shine. Your face is totally relaxed. What does the Zhineng Qigong class do with you?

First of all, I really look forward to the Monday nights. It gives me peace, even though its not always easy because sometimes my body hurts. But in class I feel above all the rest, I can stop everything else and I just have to be there. There is a certain atmosphere and when I close my eyes I feel an energy which makes me feel very well. I remember once coming to class not feeling very well. During the lesson you corrected my position and it was like everything was back in the right place. Those are great moments.

As a mother and an entrepreneur you have a busy life. Do you practice Zhineng Qigong every day or how you integrate the exercises into your life?

Zhineng Qigong makes me feel good and that’s why I’m doing it every day. Sometimes longer and sometimes shorter. If I have time I do the Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down Method and / or Self Awareness Method from Master Feng. If I have less time I’m doing small exercises and squats. At the moment I am reading a book about Zhineng Qigong and find the philosophy behind qigong so mighty interesting.

Last year, you took part for the first time in a workshop with Chinese Zhineng Qigong teachers. How was this ‘encounter’ for you?

They were special days for me. I hung on Master Yuantong Liu’s every word. He and Master Feng are so grateful and humble. That reflects on the people who are there. It was sometimes confrontational. Phrases like “Accept your life as it is at this moment” came along regularly. I immediately think that there is still much to be gained.

The most memorable experience during the 4-day course this summer was that I first consciously felt the Qi flow through my body. That was an amazingly good feeling. And now I sometimes stand and then its there immediately. It makes me very happy. The time with the Masters was over soon. Before I realized it was over and I was back in my salon.

As a beautician, you are working to bring or keep the skin of your clients in balance. The purpose of the Zhineng Qigong exercises is the balance between body and mind. Do you use your knowledge of Zhineng Qigong during a treatment?

I notice myself telling more and more about Zhineng Qigong in the salon. If there is a moment I tell you something, and sometimes more. In the salon is a one-on treatment. My clients tell me things they want to share and each person has their own process. Sometimes I give little drills that I’ve learned in the Monday evening class. I talk about energy and my clients find this interesting. While giving a treatment or massage I am very relaxed and when you connect that with the Qiveld theory is that perhaps the reason why customers always go home happy. By being relaxed I can focus more on the well being of my client. That is particularly beautiful.

Do you learn during training or refresher courses about acupuncture / acupressure?

We learn something but not the details like you told in class. Part of the knowledge of acupressure for example, I use during a facial to stimulate the blood circulation and the Qiflow. I talk about meridians and link it to body complaints to diets or exercise deficiency. I suggest that stress can be a cause of a certain reaction of the skin and relaxation is needed to stay healthy.

I always notice people looking younger after a Zhineng Qigong workshop. Relaxation can change a lot. Do you see in your salon that clients develop an awareness of the importance of relaxation in these hectic times?

Yes I can see that. People are increasingly busy with relaxation and health. That’s one of the reasons they come to a beautician. Basically I do the same as you but I choose a different path. It’s boon. Besides the relaxation, improvement of the skin and raising the awareness for the care of the skin, I’m working to stimulate the Qiflow of a client. Clients feel this too. I am always pleased when a client after treatment, says she is looking forward to the next appointment. I receive as a compliment.

Has Zhineng Qigong enriched your life?

Zhineng Qigong has certainly enriched my life. Otherwise, I would not be this commited. I would love to go to China to learn the ins and outs. But the tours are at a time next year when I can not. So I may have to wait. I’m already happy with what I know now. I’m glad I can relax better due to Zhineng Qigong and I always feel an inner smile while practicing. That is wealth!