Monika Kylar

Monika Kylar

Monika Kylar

Catering entrepreneur

Zhineng Qigong since:

Monika Kylar is a catering entrepreneur and since 1993 she has been co-owner of several restaurants. She grew up by Lake Constance in Germany. After her training as a construction draftsman, she traveled with her partner around the world and finally settled in the Netherlands. In 2016 she found Zhineng Qigong.


When did you first hear about Qigong?

My sister talked about Qigong. She worked with Traditional Chinese Medicine and knew about the ‘Qi-lifestyle.’ At the time I thought it sounded interesting but I was not yet ready to discover it.


Why did you start practicing Qigong?

We are both Germans living in a foreign country and got to know each other in my restaurant. You inspired me to take your weekly classes, where I found that Qigong immediately felt familiar. Later, when I joined a class with your Chinese teacher I noticed right away how good it felt to be in the workshop room; great atmosphere, good location, nice people, and a charismatic teacher with a powerful presence. Speaking to other participants during the workshop I was inspired by their stories.

At that time, I was involved in sports and yoga, which are completely different forms of movement. In Qigong I learned how to integrate my mind and how important it is to integrate the consciousness. The body and mind connection is central in Qigong.


What benefits have you experienced since joining our weekly classes?

The first time I came to class and practiced the methods, I had a peaceful feeling inside and it really affected my whole body. I noticed increased energy and a shift in focus. I realized that there are indeed more things between heaven and earth than we know. I felt a strong effect from the Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down practice. My battery was fully charged after the first lesson. I felt as if I had slept for eight hours, which was very nice. Every lesson has a great potential for recharging.

In addition, you are an inspiring teacher who shares the knowledge about Qi with humor and enthusiasm. The wisdom we learn in your class can immediately be integrated into our daily lives. Sometimes these teachings are about the body, and also about the mind and how to live life, things we don’t usually consciously think about. You also remind us to ‘let go of it’ and I love the reminder. Often, although I walk into class with many thoughts in my head, I leave the class with an empty mind. Every time it’s a miracle.


You have also attended private Qigong coaching sessions. How was your experience?

That was an interesting experience because together we looked at how my life works, what my wishes are, and whether my lifestyle still suits me. We have talked a lot about the frame of reference, the filter that everyone has and through which we look at life. It mirrors how we furnish our ‘room’ and how we see ourselves and others. Because the content of the frame of reference is different for everyone, we all look differently at the same situation. After the first coaching session, it felt like my entire frame of reference was literally turned upside down. I thought I had a limited number of options to solve the current problems in my life, which used a lot of energy and caused dissatisfaction. The coaching gave me many options and a different perspective, which made my wishes and needs become clear. I was able to reset my life and start over. Now I feel like I do things that suit me much better; from within, I follow my own path.

It is interesting that Qigong came my way. My past consisted mainly of my work and my relationship. I had just gone through the start-up of Cornelis – our new restaurant – and everything had changed in my private life following a divorce. At first, I turned on the autopilot, moved forward, and ignored my wishes and needs. But then there came a moment when I couldn’t continue like that. The coaching allowed me to discover my priorities in life. Instead of doing everything with my head, I now frequently follow my gut feeling. I’ve adapted to a totally new lifestyle and my mindset has also been renewed.


In a short time, you have become acquainted with Zhineng Qigong exercises and working with the consciousness. Would you call Zhineng Qigong a lifestyle?

Yes. For me, Qigong is much more than physical exercise – it is a way of life. I have learned how to relax my body and mind with simple methods. It has become much easier to enter the Qigong state. This ability affects both my private and working life, and I enjoy my job even more. I understand that this knowledge, this possibility, is always present. I often wonder why we don’t learn this ancient wisdom about Qi in school. It makes life flow much more easily.


Interview: Anne Hering, Pictures: Jan Paasman