Zhigong Institute Europe

In 2000 Anne Hering foundet the Zhigong Institute in Germany. In 2006 she set up the Zhigong Institute in the Netherlands. Together with her team and the members of the institute she is spreding Zhineng Qigong in Europe. In the meantime students from all over the wordl travel to the Netherlands to follow the Teacher Training or the Masterclass organized by the institute.

The summer workshop with Master Yuantong Liu becomes more popular every year. It’s comparable to a Qi-festival where Zhineng Qigong students from different countries meet and share their experiences.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…


A certified teacher can become member of our institute. The membership has various advantages: We support our member in spreading out Zhineng Qigong. The members meet each other twice a year to exchange their knowledge and learn from each other.

Every year the membercommunity grows in the Netherlands and Germany as more and more people choose to become a Zhineng Qigong teacher and spread out the theories and exercises of this wonderful Qigong form.


Every student has a lifestory and as we were curious about these stories we started to interview the participants of our workshops. It’s great to listen to their experiences with Zhineng Qigong and how this lifestyle transformed their lives.