Live Intention

Live Intention

We are living within the life intention! Trust and believe our life intention!

Life intention is the real result of our life activities! Without life intention we cannot live in the conscious law of life.

Life Intention is the energy source of life, always nurturing our life. It is a life energy
propellant, always pushing us forward to live and work on our daily life activities.

Life Intention is the beacon light of life, always leading, shining, and lighting the way of our
life and pointing to the upright way for living our life.

Life Intention is the alarm bell, always waking up our mind, reminding us of the goal of our
life and helping us to focus the mind in order to continue working on it.

Life Intention is a bright path of our daily life, always helping us to safely walk on the wide
and bright road of life and happily enjoy each new point of life.

Life Intention is a teacher, who always teaches us how to live the upright way of our life. It
helps us learn to transform from the darkness when the anything happens, living and
enjoying the bright side of our life.

Life Intention is a care giver. It has a huge heart, always loving, and taking care of our
thoughts, emotion, and health during each step of our life without resting.

Life Intention is a guider of life, guiding our Yi Yuan Ti (true awareness,) following our
intention’s ideas, driving our life, flowing forward until we reach our life goal.

Life Intention is the tool. It is always helping us to receive, merge and process the old life
perspective information, the new point of life information and the future life information.
Then the intention creates a new information and sends it out in order to lead our life —
living the new point of life and the full frame of reference.

Life Intention is a gift of the universe for human beings, always giving this big heart and
love that takes care of our life secretly, never showing its face and never stopping.

Life Intention is a life healer, always healing our thoughts, emotions and body until we have
a perfectly healthy heart and mind.

Life Intention is a decider of each thought of our life, which leads us to follow its design for
living day by day and moment by moment, until our intention is becomes the real truth.

Life Intention is help our Life living. Our Life is living within the intention!

Life Intention

Yuantong Liu