Nature – Art – Qigong: Spirit Masters Matter

A cellist plays a piece of music. He hears and feels the music in his mind – with no distracting thoughts. He does not move his fingers and hands consciously – it is the music and his intention to share it that move his body, including his breath and heart. Forgotten are endless hours of practice: he and his instrument

Human existing value and a kitchen mixer

Explanation of Hun Yuan Wholistic Entity based on the example of a kitchen mixer (quoted from Qigong Theory by Hou Hee Chan): “A kitchen mixer is a structure/entity with many components. But structures alone cannot make it a Hùn Yuán Wholistic Entity. Besides structures, it must have functions, and more important, it must be able to express/perform these functions. Only

What is Qigong (Part 3)?

A SURPRISING DIVE INTO DEPTH  As we have seen in the previous parts of this blog, conscious Qi Gong practice is the art to intensify, purify, and direct our attention – attention being the force that mobilizes Qi. Our essence ís attention. And this attention, we found out, is always intentional. Where all intention finally aims at, is the theme

What is Qigong (Part 2)?

A SURPRISING DIVE INTO DEPTH  In the first part of this blog, we could see: what really matters, is how we practice. All depends on our inner movement. In the following part, I will try to specify what this inner movement is. What matters is the movement of our mind Qi Gong is not about body movements, as matter and

What is Qigong (Part 1)?

A SURPRISING DIVE INTO DEPTH  What is Qi Gong?  “Qi Gong is what we do all day long.” This definition addresses two dimensions: Qi Gong is how we deal with our body, mind and life energy. Qi Gong is how we connect to our surroundings (nature as community) and with ourselves. In both dimensions, we can go along with what we