Body and Mind Method – duration: 51:48

Body and Mind Method – duration: 51:48

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The Body and Mind method is more physically challenging than the Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down Method. It works with the internal Qi, integrating the body and mind, and allowing the Qi to penetrate more deeply into the muscles, tendons, and bones. The movements are even, slow, gentle. The movements look square but inside they are circular. Movements are like those of a snake. It helps the practitioners to increase their ability to collect and direct Qi.

The Body and Mind Method emphasize moving the ligaments, small joints and other joints that we rarely use. Therefore, this method can very quickly make internal Qi move and make Qi reach the hair, skin, and the tip of the fingers.

This method requires that the mind and body are working together and that you let go of logical thinking. When practicing the Body and Mind Form the mind should really go into each posture in total concentration, observing and illuminating the inside of the body.

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