What is Hunyuan Entirety? What is Yiyuanti? Nynke Roukema explains

What is Hunyuan Entirety? What is Yiyuanti? Nynke Roukema explains

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In these films Nynke introduces the theory of Zhineng Qigong: Hunyuan Entirety. The videos are related to chapter of the book ‘Hunyuan Entirety Theory.’ The key point in the videos is gaining insight into elements of the theory and what these could mean for your daily life.

What is Hunyuan Entirety? Wat are the movements of Qi and the various patterns of substance that are covered by Hunhua? Wat are the principles of the Entirety Theory, the entirety of each object, the universe and everything in the universe? Nynke includes examples of the formation of a tree from a seed and the evolution of original Hunyuan Qi into human life.

What are the levels of Hunyuan Qi and the advanced level of consciousness? Wat is Yiyuanti? Is it a special existence and how do we use this in our Qigong practice to influence Qi to change us to greater health and happiness?

What are the properties and relationships of consciousness, Yiyuanti and the frame of reference?

What is morality, the idea of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in Zhineng Qigong? How to use the principles of the theory together with the practice of Qigong to optimize life?

Nynke talks about the cause of sickness and how to regulate the body back to health.

This package contains 10 videos. The spoken language is Engish.

Duration: 100 min

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