Recordings of the webinars ‘Interpretation of the 8 verses’ with Sinologist Anja T. Purger

Recordings of the webinars ‘Interpretation of the 8 verses’ with Sinologist Anja T. Purger

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Through studying “the 8 verses for organizing Qifield”, “Hun Yuan Ling Tong” and “Hao La” sentences, you will learn the basic writing and pronunciation of the Chinese language in 8 meetings of 120 minutes each.


8 meetings of 120 minutes each. Through studyingthe 8 verses for organizing Qifield“, “Hun Yuan Ling TongandHaoLasentences,you will learn the basic writing and pronounciation rules of the Chinese language.   


The Chinese language, based on pictograms, goes hand in hand with other antique languages of the world, like the Egyptianhieroglyphs, etc. That means that each character carries centuries of information and also a beauty of writing style that is an art in itself. Writing Chinese means unfolding an art of interpretation of each character, strengthening memory and cultivating patience. We couldsay that along with learning a new language, writing Chinese also enables personal growth. My intention is to share with you my love of the Chinese language that is closely intertwined with ZNQG. We will go through basic stokes, voices, and writing rules. With thatknowledge, we will learn how to pronounce correctly and write the 8 verses, HYLT, HAOLA and explore the meaning of each character in the phrase and their correlation. By exploring the world of pictograms, you will transform your perception of space, strengthening andharmonizing the brain’s left and right hemispheres. You will get a tool (a basic knowledge) to continue to learn other characters yourselfif you discover an interest to continue your journey of studying Chinese. In the last session, you will choose a character or a sentence with which you feel most connected and paint it with ink as an art piece to hang in your practice room, supported by our group Qifield. 

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