Recordings of the Masterclass Medical Qigong with Teacher Ning (Jan – June 2021)

Recordings of the Masterclass Medical Qigong with Teacher Ning (Jan – June 2021)

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Imagine the ability to control all aspects of your given life energy as you wish, using only the power of your mind. To use it in such way in order to restore and maintain health, slow down aging, or protect yourselves against injury. Such ability is simply explained as understanding and knowing transformational processes in nature. Practicing Qigong activates development of abilities to sense and control life energy known as Qi. Traditionally Qigong practice is used in order to prevent illnesses, promote better quality and extend life.

In this webinars Teacher Ning talks about the following topics:

Part 1:

In the first part we will talk about the importance of health and what it means according to medical Qigong to be healthy. How can I improve my own health and what is the basis to help others?

Part 2:

In the second part we will talk about the skills of a diagnosis for Qigong treatment. How does a practitioner of medical Qigong work with the information and condition of a patient? Which rules does the practitioner need to follow?

Part 3:

In this part we will introduce the steps of how to do a complete medical Qigong treatment: Teacher Ning will give a lecture about the preparation of a session. He will share his knowledge about where to be focus on during the treatment and how to end it.

Part 4:

In this lecture Teacher Ning will share his personal experiences about medical Qigong treatments. He will talk about different case studies and share his advice in how to treat different kind of Qi-conditions.

Part 5:

This lecture will be about how to offer a group treatment. How to set up a strong Qifield to emit Qi to several persons.

Part 6:

This part is about how to offer a treatment on distance.

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