Qi-Volution Volume 1 (English)

Qi-Volution Volume 1 (English)

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This booklet describes the journey of the Health Gong 2020, which emerged shortly after the lockdown hit Europe. The Gong is based on known Zhineng Qigong exercises to make it accessible for a large population of both new and experienced participants. It has been designed to strengthen health and deepen consciousness.

It was delivered in English as an online programme 3 times a week for 3 weeks. Every lesson started with an introduction about the theory of Zhineng qigong and contained steps to deepen the practise. The journey and speed of learning was beyond what we could ever have imagined. It is therefore that we would like to share this process with you and many others through this booklet.

The Gong is in video available on Zhigong Online (www.zhigongonline.com) in English, Spanish and Dutch to serve a broad population.

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