Recordings of the 8 webinars with Master Yuantong Liu – 2020

Recordings of the 8 webinars with Master Yuantong Liu – 2020

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8 Webinars of 2,5 hours with Master Yuantong Liu.


An invitation to maximize your potential for transformation Master Yuantong Liu and the team of the Zhigong Institute invite you to be a pioneer in this pivotal time in our evolution to discover new possibilities and inspire others to follow. We will take you on a journey to maximize the potential for individual and collective transformation. We will practice a New Health Gong with movements from Level 2 and the Self Awareness Method to regulate and harmonize the connection of the three Dantians. The exercises internalize principles of Zhineng Qigong Science developed by Dr. Pang Ming.

Through the practice of these methods you will open up new pathways in your body, heart and conscious mind that allow you to enter a New Point of Life in the present moment with a new-found power and self-confidence. The webinars are a balanced mix of body exercises and lectures. We will make sure that you can relax during the webinars to stay connected with a peaceful heart and mind.

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