Medical Qigong Masterclass with Teacher Ning and the team of the Zhigong Institute

Imagine ability to control all aspects of your given life energy as you wish, using only the power of your mind. To use it in such way in order to restore and maintain health, slow down aging, or protect yourselves against injury. Such ability is simply explained as understanding and knowing transformational processes in nature. Practicing Qigong activates development of abilities to sense and control life energy known as Qi. Traditionally Qigong practice is used in order to prevent illnesses, promote better quality and extend life.

Date: 10/01/2021 until 06/06/2021

Time: 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. and 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. CEST – Central European Standard Time (Amsterdam)

Costs: 244,- Euro

Location: Online

Target audience: All persons who are interested in medical Qigong, health and medical Qigong treatments

Teacher: Teacher Ning & the team of the Zhigong Institute

Practical information:

Language: English

Data and times of the 6 webinars with Teacher Ning: 10/1, 07/2, 07/3, 04/4, 02/05, 06/6 2021 from 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. CEST – Central European Standard Time (Amsterdam)

Data and times of the 2 webinars with the team of the Zhigong Institute 16/3 and 15/06 from 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. CEST – Central European Standard Time (Amsterdam)

The price includes 6 Webinars of 2 hours with Teacher Ning, 2 Webinars of 1,5 hours with the team of the Zhigong Institute and reviews of all Webinars.

You can sign in at any moment for our meetings, even later than 10.01.2021 as we will record the meetings and you can watch them back at your own time.

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"Medical Qigong Masterclass with Teacher Ning and the team of the Zhigong Institute"

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More info:

Most people focus on the illness or the body part where they feel pain. One of our favorite quotes of Teacher Ning is: ‘Focus on how much goes right in your body instead of what’s wrong.’ How to discover health should be the goal of a therapist. With this goal we will present a new program to our students. This new program consists of traditional, medical Qigong healing methods. If you are interested in improving your own health or if you are a therapist or teacher and you want to learn how to discover health you are welcome to come to this workshop.


The content of this online workshop:

Part 1: In the first part we will talk about the importance of health and what it means according to medical Qigong to be healthy. How can I improve my own health and what is the basis to help others?

Part 2: In the second part we will talk about the skills of a diagnosis for Qigong treatment. How does a practitioner of medical Qigong work with the information and condition of a patient? Which rules does the practitioner need to follow?

Part 3: In this part we will introduce the steps of how to do a complete medical Qigong treatment: Teacher Ning will give a lecture about the preparation of a session. He will share his knowledge about where to be focus on during the treatment and how to end it.

Part 4: In this lecture Teacher Ning will share his personal experiences about medical Qigong treatments. He will talk about different case studies and share his advice in how to treat different kind of Qi-conditions.

Part 5: This lecture will be about how to offer a group treatment. How to set up a strong Qifield to emit Qi to several persons.

Part 6: This part is about how to offer a treatment on distance.


The components of Medical Qigong:

  • Activation of the Self-healing capacities during which individuals practice Qigong exercises to enhance their health, prevent disease, and address illness.
  • Qi Emission, during which Qigong practitioners emit Qi with the intention to support others. In addition to emitting Qi for the activation of selfhealing capacities, a good Qigong practitioner usually prescribes specific exercises designed to help regulate Qi. The patients incorporate these Qigong exercises into their daily practice as well as receive occasional sessions from the Qigong practitioner.


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that diseases appear due to imbalance of flow of Qi, either a blockage, deficiency or an excess. Traditional Chinese Medicine rose from the empirical observation of nature. It began more than 5000 years ago. Chinese civilization understands that we are part of the nature by mutual interconnection of body and mind, space and time, with dynamic process of constant change between man and nature. For the whole to function harmoniously, every part must remain in balance.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is divided into four main branches: Acupuncture, Herbs and Food therapy (Chinese pharmacology and Dietology), Tuina – massage therapy (Orthopedics, chiropractics), and Medical Qigong (Physical exercises and Physical therapy).Medical Qigong treatment relieves pain, disperse Qi and blood stagnation. Medical Qigong treatment is one contribution to health. The other part has to be done by the patient him/herself. He/she needs to work on his/her life-style which is often a major contributing factor. Patient’s sick conditions are always elevated by stress, overwork, lack of appropriate exercise and inappropriate food and beverage. Medical Qigong doctor can prescribe to the patient Self-Regulatory Qigong exercise and the patient needs to work on his lifestyle and mindset.

When an imbalance develops, certain active points of the disease correspond to different organs, muscles, and limbs of the body, and a pathological reflex is formed. Trigger and reflex points which are painful to touch are perfect examples of this phenomenon. Medical Qigong prescriptions stimulate the patient’s autonomic nervous system, gradually eliminating fatigue as the normal body functions are restored. Another important aspect of the Medical Qigong prescription exercises is the enhancement of the body’s immune system function. Medical Qigong therapy can be used to not only strengthen the metabolism of the organs and cells, but also to increase cellular energy. It has enhancing effects on the lymphatic system. Medical Qigong health benefits are white blood cell production, stabilized blood pressure, and improved immune function.


Teacher Ning has been practicing Zhineng Qigong for over twenty-six years. When he was nineteen years old his mother passed away due to cancer. That moment his path began in healing and Qigong. He felt a deep interest to learn how to help people activate their self-healing power. He was a teacher and a healer at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center from 1992 to 1998 where he treated thousands of patients (‘students’). He graduated from the two-year Zhineng Qi- gong teacher training college in 1998. In the past years, he discovered fundamental rules for healing and practice that are simple, yet extremely beneficial.

Teacher Ning quote

‘Only practicing the Qigong movements will not prevent you from becoming ill. The movements work on the meridians, which is beneficial. But they cannot fix your mental state and your emotions. How to deal with emotions? Do not push your emotions back, just observe them, see how strong they are and how long they influence your body and mind. After you have analyzed them well, Qi will start to flow again and the selfhealing process will continue.’

Teacher Ning