Webinars with Anne Hering, Nynke Roukema and Mauro Lugano

Anne, Nynke and Mauro offered 9 webinars in March 2020. They motivated many people around the world to practice the 'Health Gong Volume 1' together. As they decided to continue this positive flow they invite you to their next webinars where they will present the 'Health Gong Volume 2.'

Date: 20/08/2020 until 18/10/2020

Time: Thursday evenings from 7:30 – 8:30 p.m.; Sunday mornings from 9 – 10 a.m.

Costs: 30,- Euro for 6 online lectures

Location: Online

Target audience: Everybody who wants increase the conscious level of our Zhineng Qigong community worldwide

Teacher: Anne Hering, Nynke Roukema, Mauro Lugano

Practical information:

If you have participated in the 8-day workshop with Master Yuantong Liu you can register to this webinars for free.

Time zone: CEST – Central European Standard Time (Amsterdam)

You can sign in at any moment for our meetings, even later than 20.08. as we will record the meetings and you can watch them back at your own time.

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"Webinars with Anne Hering, Nynke Roukema and Mauro Lugano"

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More info:


  • Set up a strong Qifield with our community
  • Practice the Health Gong Volume 2 with exercises of the Body and Mind & Self-awareness Methods
  • Learn from and teach each other to grow the inner and outer awareness
  • Create new possibilities
  • Integrate the theory and practice of ZNQG in our daily life
  • Reinforce our life intention



Anne Hering practices Zhineng Qigong for more than 20 years and is looking forward to connect with you and create a Qifield full of powerful possibilities.

Nynke Roukema has focused her life in the last two years on deepening her own practice, integrating Qigong in daily life and spreading Qigong and Qigong science. She is grateful to offer these lessons as a means to restore and strengthen balance in greatly challenging times.

Mauro Lugano began practicing Oriental Manual Therapies, traditional forms of Qigong and Taijiquan about a decade ago. Since his first contact with Zhineng Qigong he realized how powerful and useful the system is, containing in it all the aspects of self-cultivation for body, heart and mind, making public all the previously kept secrets while enrichening the traditional practices with modernized theoretical fundaments.


In February 2020 this teacher-team taught the Masterclass Level 3 together in Spain and now they join forces to support the worldwide Zhineng Qigong community to connect. Hun Yuan Ling Tong! 


Everything of value in this life is created by a person with imagination and passion.