Zhengti Therapy

Medical Qigong Therapy is recognized as one of the most advanced systems of holistic health and wellbeing. For many years the treatments of Medical Qigong were hidden secrets in China. In recent years more and more people have discovered the amazing effects of this unique therapy; that is why we know it is the right time to offer this relatively new therapy to you. The name of the new therapy is Zhengti.

Zhengti Therapy is the perfect complement to Zhineng Qigong. Both forms work with Hunyuan Qi and the holistic aspect of Qigong. Zhengti Therapy is a medical form that was developed by Teacher Ning, evolving from years of experience and study of Zhineng Qi Gong and traditional Medical Qi Gong Therapy.

Zhengti Therapy by Teacher Ning


Zhengti reflects the opinion of Medical Qigong on what is health. According to Medical Qigong there is no common standard for the definition of what is health. Every individual person has a specific health in specific situations. The only thing we have to know about the question ‘What is health?’ is how we can regulate our own health, how we can regulate our own Qi. We have to know the direction of the Qi flow for the different organs. If we have a clear picture of how the Qi flows correctly, we are able to regulate ourselves.
In a healthy body the Qi flows easily through the whole body in the right directions.

  •  Zhengti means human beings are one with the Universe. Human beings Qi and Universal Qi is constantly exchanging.
  • Zhengti means that we always focus on the entirety (matter, Qi and information). The human nature is part of our entirety.
  • Zhengti means that we also integrate the complete environment in the treatment.

An important meaning of Zhengti is to treat the human body as a whole. (Ning)

Teacher Ning

For many years Teacher Ning is sharing his knowledge and experience with the students of the Zhigong Institute. In 2022 we offered the first year training ‘Zhengti Therapy. It was an amazing journey through the world of medical Qigong.

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Teacher Ning studied and practiced Qigong Therapy for many years in the famous Huaxia Zhineng Qigong center founded by Dr. Pang Ming. After this Teacher Ning continued his journey on the path of traditional medical Qigong and gained profound knowledge and experience in the field of this powerful and unique self-health care system. The result has been a special integration of the knowledge of traditional medical Qigong and Zhineng Qigong: Zhengti Therapy.

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Zhengti Therapy Exercises

The focus of Zhengti Therapy is mainly on the internal Qiflow between the organs and in the meridians. Next to the practice of chanting, tapping, Guasha and movements, you also work with your ‘inner nature’ and awareness exercises.

According to the Zhengti Therapy, which is based on old traditional wisdom from medical Qigong, the Qi flows downwards on the right side and upwards on the left side of the body. The organs that play an important role in the course of a good flow are: the lungs, the stomach, the gallbladder, the kidneys, the pancreas and the spleen.

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Inner Nature

According to Teacher Ning we inherit the inner nature from our parents. The behavior of the parents during pregnancy and their ‘inner nature’ determines the ‘inner nature’ of the child. The parents not only give their DNA to their children, but also this ‘conditioned nature’. According to Teacher Ning, that is also why all children are different. He uses the five elements to explain how this conditioned nature affects people’s health.

During the year training you will investigate which ‘inner nature’ suits you according to the five elements and how you can transform a yin nature into a yang nature. A yin nature can negatively influence the free flow of Qi. A yang nature activates the free flow of qi. It is therefore important that, in addition to Qigong exercises, we also analyze which inner nature influences our Qi flow, so that we can look integrally at body, qi and mind.

Focus on how much goes right in our bodies instead on what goes wrong (Ning)