Review Master Your Health with Master Yuantong Liu – Volume 3 – 2021

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Join us on the journey of health, happiness and inner wellbeing

In 2020 we introduced the concept of complete Health to you in our ‘Health Gong’ webinar series. We merged with the different levels of our human awareness, reclaiming the brilliant subtlety of our senses, refining the psychomotor balance, and developing emotional tolerance to embody and enjoy the freedom of our True Self. As the journey is still ongoing we invite newcomers to join and the advanced group to continue this special experience with us. Let’s be aware of the huge chance we have right now to keep the energy of this momentum going and contribute to creating and maintaining
a balanced Qifield both inside and outside.

Review Master Your Health with Master Yuantong Liu – Volume 3 – 2021

Volume 3: Mastery of the entirety (12 hours)

Illuminate your inner landscape

Theory: How to actively work with the Hun Yuan Palace. Balance your emotions to strengthen the Qi of your or- gans and harmonize the hormone system. The importance of actively working with the entirety of your being to understand the purpose of your life.

Practice: Health Gong Volume 3, combine movements, chanting and mudras to activate the Qiflow of the inner organs