Review Health Gong Volume 1 with Anne, Nynke and Mauro (9 uur)

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Here you can purchase the links to the records of 9 webinars, the theory and the Health Gong 2020.

These webinars have been given in March 2020 with the following goals: We intend to build a strong harmonious Qifield together and will offer Zhineng Qigong theory, meditation and exercises to support our health, regulate our emotions in these challenging times and form a healing Qifield for yourself, your family, friends, country and the earth. In our online classes, we will include a practise series that forms the basis of a Gong everyone can do as a daily routine which will strengthen lower Dantian Qi including movements to open the lungs. During the course of the 3 weeks, we will deepen the practise by introducing enhanced mediation levels, which are intended to deepen our practise and grow our level of consciousness.

We ourselves see this situation as a great opportunity to transform our own and global consciousness. We aim to contribute to this by offering insights and practises to regulate and harmonise the mind, body, organs, immune system, society and earth. And to form a strong group Qifield to support each other and increase the impact to the world at large.

Review Health Gong Volume 1 with Anne, Nynke and Mauro (9 uur)