NIEUW: Medical Qigong Therapy Training 2023/2024

NIEUW: Medical Qigong Therapy Training 2023/2024

NIEUW: Medical Qigong Therapy Training 2023/2024

In this program you learn the fundamentals of Medical Qigong Therapy. Teacher Ning studied and practiced Qigong Therapy for many years in the famous Huaxia Zhineng Qigong center founded by Dr. Pang Ming. After this Teacher Ning continued his journey on the path of traditional medical Qigong and gained profound knowledge and experience in the field of this powerful and unique self-health care system. The result has been a special integration of the knowledge of traditional medical Qigong and Zhineng Qigong. We call this new therapy 'Zhengti Therapy.' Zhengti means that human beings are one with the Universe.

Datum: 02/04/2023 t/m 14/01/2024

Tijd: 9 - 11 CEST Amsterdam time

Kosten: 1499,- Euro

Locatie: The online lectures will be given on ZOOM and the 4 live days will be in Epe (The Netherlands)

Doelgroep: All practitioners who want to learn how to use Qigong Therapy to activate their own health or to support others in their healing proces.

Docent: Teacher Ning and the team of the Zhigong Institute

Lesmateriaal: written and online material

Praktische informatie:

What does the program look like?
• There are 13 online meetings with Teacher Ning spread over a period of one year. Each meeting is 2 hours.
• There are 6 online meetings spread over a period of one year with the team of the Zhigong Institute. Each meeting is 1 hour.
• There are 4 ‘live-days’. During these days you apply what you have learned so far under the guidance of Teachers of the Zhigong Institute. During these days you will have online lectures given by Teacher Ning.
• You complete the assignments, working at your own level of practice, progress and mindset

Dates for the Online lectures with Teacher Ning in 2023 and 2024: April 2, May 7, June 4, August 6, September 3, October 1, November 5, 20, 21, 22 and 23, December 3 and January 14
Date for the live meeting in Epe: November 20 - 23.
The dates for the online meetings with the team of the Zhigong Institute will be announced during the year.
If you are not able to travel to Epe you can follow the 4 days via an online live stream (zoom).

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"NIEUW: Medical Qigong Therapy Training 2023/2024"

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Meer info:

Medical Qigong Therapy is recognized as one of the most advanced systems of holistic health and wellbeing. For many years the treatments of Medical Qigong were hidden secrets in China. In recent years more and more people have discovered the amazing effects of this unique therapy; that is why we know it is the right time to offer this special program to you.

Part of your life intention is to support others on their path of holistic health and wellbeing

What is the content of this Medical Qigong Therapy Training?

  • Power of the Qifield and the intention – use of consciousness
  • Training – methods (skills) to work on your own health, progress, and mindset
  • Training – methods (skills) to learn how to activate the self-healing capacity of others
  • The practical use of the basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong Therapy
    • Five elements and the associations
    • The relationships of the organs and their healthy qi-flow
    • How to collect qi and open up blockages
    • Tapping along meridian channels
    • Using acupuncture points to activate the Qiflow
    • Transforming the conditioned nature
  • Setting up a powerful Medical Qigong session with your clients
    • Communication – use of information
    • Process (opening, therapy, closing, and aftercare)
    • Mindset and attitude
  • Observing your client and their qi-flow
  • Remote Medical Qigong Therapy
  • Prevention of illnesses
  • Information about mental, emotional, and physical health
  • The requirements for transforming Qi
  • How to differentiate Qi blockages with Medical Qigong Therapy
  • And much more…

You wish to increase the consciousness for Qi, Qigong Therapy and share this knowledge with others

What can you expect:

  • 13 online meetings of 2 hours = 26 hours Online Trainings in 1 year via Zoom – theories, methods, skills and possibilities of Medical Qigong Therapy given by Teacher Ning
  • 6 online meetings of 1 hour = 6 hours with the team of the Zhigong Institute
  • supervision of the intervision group
  • 4 live days with the experienced team of the Zhigong Institute, including online lectures with Teacher Ning
  • Exchange and practice sessions with other students (buddy pairs and intervision)
  • Homework (online and written material and written assignments)

You desire a profound understanding of the possibilities of Medical Qigong Therapy in the field of preventing illnesses and promoting Qi flow.

Detailed requirements for the certification…you need to:

  • follow the online lectures (either live or using the review)
  • complete all theory and practical assignments
  • work on your own level of practice, progress, and mindset
  • share your experiences with the group
  • demonstrate your abilities and skills during the live days
  • pass the exam (written test and practical exam)


There are two ways of participation:

  • Option 1: You follow all lectures and receive a certificate of completion.
  • Option 2: You follow all lectures, accomplish the homework, participate in intervision groups and receive the certificate ‘Zhengti Therapy Practitioner.’


The teachers:  

Teacher Ning, the main teacher in this program has been practicing Zhineng Qigong for over thirty years. When he was nineteen years old his mother passed away due to cancer. At that moment his path in healing and Qigong began. He felt a deep interest to learn how to help people activate their self-healing power. He was a teacher and a healer at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center from 1992 to 1998 where he treated thousands of patients (‘students’). He graduated from the two-year Zhineng Qi- gong teacher training college in 1998. In the past years, he has discovered fundamental rules for healing and practice that are simple, yet extremely beneficial.

Anne Hering and Nynke Roukema will be happy to guide you through this program, teach online sessions, supervise the intervision groups and lead you through the 4-day workshop in Epe.

Ancient China quote

If the heart is peaceful and quiet it is in order to be able to receive all the information coming from the exterior like the mirror of the calm water.

Ancient China